What You Will Learn

  • The Margin of Safety

    What is the 'intrinsic value' of a company, and when you should and shouldn't buy a company's shares.

  • Listening to the 'Scuttlebutt'

    How to understand or to pick up 'Scuttlebutt' of a company just by asking the right questions.

  • Cigar-butt investing

    What 'cigar-butt' investing is all about and how Graham, and subsequently Buffett applied it to investments.

  • Questions to Ask When Buying A Share

    What are the 15 Key Questions you should be asking before buying a share.

  • Mr Market – Don’t Serve Him

    By letting Mr Market influence decisions, you are allowing yourself to be affected by what Buffett describes as ‘other peoples’ errors of judgment’.

  • Buffett’s Investment Basics

    Buffett’s belief is that private investors have an advantage over professionals – as long as they do their homework.

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Alec Hogg

About Alec Hogg

Alec Hogg is the founder and publisher of Biznews.com. A writer, broadcaster and media entrepreneur, he was the overall winner of the Sanlam Financial Reporter of the Year in 1982, aged 23.

Thirty years later he was honoured by the Sanlam competition judges with a Lifetime Achiever’s Award for his introduction of business radio to SA and his creation, in 1997, of Moneyweb, an online publishing pioneer and one of the few dot.com survivors. Its shares are still listed on the JSE. Hogg no longer owns any shares in that business.

He left Moneyweb in October 2012 and now focuses full-time on Biznews.com which he founded in August 2013.

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